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4 days 16 hours ago

Dr. Marko Tadros is loving the Medit i500 intraoral scanner! Even though he owns many other scanners, like the Trios and Element, he keeps coming back to the i500. Thanks Dr. Marko Tadros for the compliment to Medit and Dentcore, you are too kind!

Feel free to contact us if you want to purchase the Medit i500 for yourself! If you are a part of 365 Digital Dentistry then ask us about the special!

Scanning with the #Medit #i500 at our office #goldsteingarberandsalama. Amazing scanner indeed at an unbelievable price. I also absolutely love both the company distributor DentCore, Inc. customer support. If you buy it from them, make sure to ask for the 365 Digital Dentistry special and the 2 day free in office training. Scanning speeds vary between 1 min to 1 and half minutes per arch. Bite scans less than 10 seconds each.