As we begin Q4 of this year, you may have heard from your accountant: “You are going to pay way too much in taxes. You have to spend more money by the end of the year.” In the U.S., Section 179 indeed provides a big advantage:

Section 179 – Under this provision, the dental lab / dentist can purchase the equipment and then elect to expense the full cost of the equipment in the year of purchase. The maximum section 179 deduction for one year is $1,000,000, so most businesses should be able to utilize this method. This results in the business being able to get a full deduction for the equipment for tax purposes, even though it was purchased and should be depreciated over the course of 5 years.
(This is NOT a tax advice – you should consult with your accountant.)

This also means that a lot of equipment purchases occur at the end of the year, starting Q4. As such, we will be expecting longer than usual lead time for non-stocked and out-of-stock items. In order to ensure that your orders will be fulfilled by the end of the year and allow you to benefit from Section 179, they will need to be placed ASAP, and not later then:

Medit i500: December 10th
VHF milling machines: October 15th
EnvisionTEC Printers: October 15th

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