The Most Affordable Dry/Wet Milling Ever!

Not just the most affordable milling machine,

it’s also equipped with Performance and Durability

The Most Advanced Verison of the S-Series models:

Brings customers the most reliable performance and durability for all milling purpose.

  • Milling Machine for those who seek stable milling results for all metal materials

  • Able to reliably mill Chrome Cobalt, Soft Metal, Titanium

  • Single pre-mill to Chrome Cobalt milling capabilities; Including basic metal milling

  • Customized for every purposes and materials utilized for all types of restorations

  • Easy maintenance and repair

  • Improvement in the exterior design with touch screen controls

  • Simultaneous 5 Axis milling and stable components improve milling performance and the quality of result

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Stable Components

The most advanced version of the s-series, the GeoMill S5 has been built with the most stable components of highest durability to provide the highest degree of precision.

With Upgrade in the designing of the external Hardware and the internal components, customers are not just satisfied by the results, but by it’s design as well.

Tool & Automatic tool change

Various shapes of tools, with Lengths ranging from 1 to 2.5mm and 04mm shank, are available for GeoMill S5III. In addition, customers can use 8 tools at one time, increasing the efficiency in Milling. Dentcore tries to seek customers’ convenience through Automatic Tool Change by G-Code and Automatic Tool offset settling by high-precision tool touch sensor. Also, the sensor which is installed in each tool pocket detects errors during tool change. Adding to the customer’s convenience.

All in one 

All materials for all types can be milled in Geo Mill S5III, so customers can get all results in one machine. Also, many types of milling and accurate result are available through lots of jigs like of premil, glass ceramic, multi jigs and so on. In addition, easy-set-up and maintenance makes customers use the machine conveniently.