We have exciting news for our exocad DentalCAD users – exocad has launched their new exocad Refresh Program.

This new amazing program allows dentalCAD users to update their licenses with only one year’s worth of annual fee + fixed fee; regardless of how many years the license has been expired.

The fact that the exocad DentalCAD licenses can be updated per user’s preference – and is not a mandatory thing, is one of exocad’s most unique and attractive features.

With this new program, exocad is now even more flexible, as updating old licenses is more affordable than ever.



exocad DentalCAD licenses update will cost: one-year annual fee for the core version & all modules + $1800 fixed fee.

If the license has been expired for only one year, the refresh fee of $1800 will still be charged along with the one-year update fee. However, end users are now able to update their contracts 12 months in advance and doing so will not incur the refresh fee. Therefore, end users who plan on updating their DentalCAD license every year are encouraged to update the contract prior to its expiration.

Until July 30th, 2019, the old contract update system is still available (# of months since contract expired + 12 months in the future -> multiplied by the update cost), should the end users wish to update their contracts in that manner. After that date, only the new update program will be applicable.


  • Much cheaper to update 2+ years expired DentalCAD licenses
  • Includes 12 months of active contract from the date of update
  • Can now pre-purchase future updates 12 months prior to expiration

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