D5 Dental Mill

DentCore prioritizes customer satisfaction while maintaining the consistency of our products’ quality and precision. DentCore fully understands the importance of time – therefore, we will work at a full capacity to ensure a fast turn-around time.

The D5 Dental Mill is designed based on close consultation with the dental lab industry — and was built from the ground up to meet the specific demands required for the production of complex implant geometries. It’s compatible with industry leading CAD/CAM software packages, while still allowing for the integration of yet-to-be-developed technology. So, your investment today will facilitate your advancement tomorrow … and for years to come. We’re continually testing the components and geometries of the world‘s most prominent implant manufacturers and we’re committed to helping you stay up to date with the latest developments within the industry.

The D5 Dental Milling Machine is unrivalled in the dental world. With a fully automated 8 blank changer and 15 tool holding positions, it can mill titanium, chrome cobalt, zirconia, and other materials for over 100 consecutive hours unattended.

The D5 Dental Mill Includes:

DentCore utilizes only state-of–the-art lab technologies for the fabrication of our products such as the D5 Dental Mill, which is capable of fabricating a simple-single unit restorations to a more complex-implant geometries.

The D5 Dental Mill has been specifically designed to meet every dental lab’s needs and will increase their productivity and efficiency. This technical advantage will allow your milling services to be unparalleled in the current dental milling industry, guaranteeing an exceptional mechanical functionality while producing artistic aesthetics in any type of fabrication.

  • Rigidity – industrial-grade construction for dependability in high-production operations
  • Agility – respond to your customers’ needs quickly and bring in more work
  • Precision – accurate milling of complex geometries, thin-walled indications and delicate crown edges
  • Quality – superior fit and finish on milled parts
  • Speed – reduce turnaround time and make money!

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