Rediscover Your Productivity

Identica Hybrid is designed to meet all of your needs. It has 74% faster scan times from its previous model, a flexible multi-die that cuts scan steps significantly, color scan texture for enhancing details, and a 3-axis scanning arm for auto-double impression scanning.

Identica Hybrid represents the apex in 3D dental scanning, only surpassed by our new T-500 & T-700. With such speed, accuracy, and reliability, Identica Hybrid helps you rediscover your productivity.


Optimized for model & impression scanning

  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY with auto double impression scans
  • PROVEN ACCURACY for implant bars and bridges
  • ENHANCED DETAILS with triple camera scanning technology and color texture
  • MORE EFFICIENCY with innovative fexible multi-die

Identica Hybrid

Identica blue

Identica blue